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Skee-Town Stylee is a band.

This 3-piece takes the best vibes of the lakeshore, chills them out and grinds them up into what Summer sounds like. It's beaches, beer and weed; it's a Long Beach-meets-Midwest sound. Skee-Town Stylee has been bringing their liquid reggae-dub grooves to the lakeshore since 2009, drawing crowds both young and old to a fresh take on a classic sound.

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    "So Low" - STS live @ Main St. in Muskegon, MI
    "Feel So Good" - STS live @ Intersection, MI

    "Times Are Different" - STS Rehearsal Cam

    "No Diggity" - STS Live & Direct


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    Find below some tracks by us. All of these are available for sale at our bandcamp so go and spend a dollar - support your local musicians!


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    Telephone: 231 955 0696, 231 955 3020
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